about Blair G. Smith

Blair G. Smith is the owner of BGS Interiors. She is the mother of two, who brings her joy and inspires her to do great work in her community. Blair has a passion to work with people, which is why interior design is her passion. Blair has been an interior designer for 10 years and has worked in the industry for over 20 years working with companies like Ferguson Enterprises which helped her perfect her craft. Blair left the industry to pursue her own business using her degree, passion, and craft by redesigning her close friend’s homes which turned into something bigger. Blair has a special talent for building homes from the ground up and redesigning homes that just needed some touching up. Blair is a peoples person and provides the best service while working with her clients closely. When Blair is not designing she can be found at the beach with her family, taking her dog for a walk, or being with her kids laughing and smiling. 

Attention to detail is everything.

Blair G. Smith Interiors is proven to meet the needs and desires of each client she works with. Professional consultation to explore the needs for new construction or renovation of an existing space. She provides a customized process for discussing ideas, making plans, formulating design concepts, and can curate a design for any time of year. Throughout the process collaboration is key, so we encourage you to make decisions at the appropriate time that is agreed upon. What is most important here is devoting time to you and making sure each decision is a confident decision from beginning to end.